Fashions on the Field – New Years Day

 Fashions on the Field Categories

Guidelines and Format
There are 6 categories for Cup Day

Best Dressed Tot (5 years and under) – No registration required
Best Dressed Junior (14 years and under) – No registration required
Best Dressed Male ( Will be selected by Spotters on the Day)
Best Dressed Couple (Register at the Secretarys office)
Best Hat / Fascinator (Meet at the designated area after the last)
Most Elegant Lady ( Will be selected by Spotters on the Day)

Tot and Junior Categories 
This category will be held between race 2 and race 3.
The location will be between the track and the grandstand area.
Please listen to PA announcements on the day that will advise of where to gather.
– There will be no need to register for the Tots or Junior Categories,
simply arrive in the designated area when requested by the broadcaster.

Best Dressed Couples
– Best Dressed Couples will need to register at the Secretarys Office

Best Hat / Fascinator
– We will call for participants at the start of the Fashions in the Field after the last race.
If you would like to enter this category please simply line up when requested.

Being Selected by a Fashions on the Field Spotter
– We will have Spotters moving around the racecourse on the day to select Best Dressed Male and Most Elegant Lady.
– If you are selected they will supply you with a lanyard and a number.
– Before the competition starts we have you pop your name and suburb on the registration sheet.
– Then we will take the lanyard from you and provide you with
a numbered card for your walk down the red carpet.

Dress Code Dressing up for the races is unlike dressing for any other event, there are few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when planning for your outfit:

Female Fashion Etiquette

Attention to detail with all aspects of the outfit such as shoes, handbag and accessories. Preference is for your outfit to visually flow from head to toe and it is preferred that it includes a hat and or fascinator.
Preference is for outfits to be knee length.

Remember it’s Daytime
Dress appropriately and stick to etiquette. Think classy, sophisticated and head to toe style.

  • Do think well cut dresses that fall to the knee or contemporary takes on the classic suit.
  • Don’t wear outfits mores suited for a nightclub. Leave the short skirts, midriffs and sequins for the evening.
  • Don’t be heavy handed with the make-up. The natural light will expose excess application, so make sure you think natural well blended make-up.

Fashion by Season

  • Spring – the time to embrace bright bold colours and floral prints. Open toed shoes, wedges and pumps are appropriate shoes for spring and summer, and hats and fascinators incorporating bright colours, florals and sinnamay (straw).
  • Black and White are ALWAYS in fashion!


  • During carnival times and big race days, you should always wear a headpiece of some kind. Whether it’s a hat or fascinator, pick something that’s right for the season.


  • Matching shoes and handbag or cute clutch are the perfect accessories to complement your outfit.
  • Avoid wearing to much jewellery or bling on a race day. Your shoes, handbag and hat should be enough

Handbag essentials
There are a few things a girl should always have in her handbag, but some MUST HAVES for the races include:

  • Sunglasses (particularly in Spring/Summer)
  • Lip stick (for touch-ups) which you can also use as a blush if needed
  • Cotton tips – perfect for fixing eye and lip makeup
  • Band-Aids – for blisters
  • Party Feet
  • Safety Pins and bobby pins – for emergency repairs!

High Heel Etiquette
The races is an all-day affair and can involve walking around (in the grass) and plenty of standing up. The shoes you choose to wear can make or break your day, so ensure you choose wisely.

  • Do wear shoes with a thicker heel that can prevent you from sinking into the grass
  • Don’t wear brand new shoes (break them in first)
  • Do try party feet to help cushion the feet
  • If you’re worried about surviving in your shoes until the end of the day, take a second pair of shoes or flats to help you make it home with your dignity in tact – Leaving the track with your shoes over the shoulder is NOT a good look!

Dressing for Gentlemen

Picking everyday office suits with a bold shirt and tie combination is the standard attire, however don’t be afraid to experiment. The modern day man is beginning to pay much more attention to detail.

  • Think about incorporating patterns, a fine pinstripe in your suit, a check on your shirt, a stripe in your tie.
  • Do pay attention to your shoes, pointed boot and stylish lace-ups might be your thing, but always make sure they are polished and clean and don’t clash with your outfit.
  • Do match accessories and pay attention to detail. The extra touches can make a great difference with cufflinks, belt, watches, ties and ties clips and a hat if you choose to wear one.
  • Do wear a flower in your button hole if the occasion calls. Big carnival days have a certain flower to match the day, for example the Golden Slipper is a yellow rose.